Custom Alien Wargame Terrain | Green Leaf Terrain

Project details:

This custom wargame terrain is a 24 piece set (4 hills, 8 foliage pieces, 3 flats, 9 pillar structures) that is modular to allow for new configurations for each game. The alien terrain features round balls which have been covered in red turfs to create alien plant life and  pillar structures have been shaped and scuplted to be from within the ground itself. The 3 flats terrain pieces are to let other area terrain be incorporated into the design.

Suitable for:

Any sci-fi wargame scenery or display piece. The Alien Terrain set is able to cover a 4×6 gaming surface with ease is could easily be spread over 2 4×6 gaming surfaces. It also makes for a very high density of terrain on a 4×4 or 3×3 gaming surface.

– Foliage 4″ x 3″  2.5″  high on average
– Hills 10″ x 12″  1″ high on average
– Pillars 5″ x 5″  9″ – 24″ height range
– Flats 17″ x1 4″ approx.


– 1/8″ hardboard base

– high density foam

– varoius fine and course turfs

Retail Cost: $415.81


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